At Hilltop, we love God above all else, with everything we are, and love others as He loves us. We are grounded in the Word of God, The Holy Bible, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Letting all who can hear that Jesus Christ has Risen; He came to save, not to judge or condemn you. He is love-- the Lion and the Lamb-- the King of all kings.

We believe in God's transformative power to
heal, build, conquer, restore, provide, comfort and save.

Inherit without merit. Your salvation is paid in full. The promises of the King of Kings are yours to declare and decree.

God will never forsake you. God knows your needs before you do. No weapon formed against you will prosper. He conquers all!

Being saved, born again, is for all who will believe in Jesus Christ.

Religion and good deeds will NOT save you; there is only one Redeemer who saves, Jesus Christ.

Don't fall into the lie that the Bible is too confusing. God desires a relationship with you and bestows wisdom and understanding.

The Almighty God was poured out in the form of flesh and there's nothing more powerful than Him. He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.

Opening Doors, Minds & Hearts

Welcome to Hilltop Tabernacle!
-From Pastors Joe and Marie

There is no prerequisite to attend Hilltop or anything extra or special you need to do/wear/or bring to feel welcomed and loved. Come as you are. We are excited to meet you.

Don't let another day go by allowing Satan to steal from you what Lord Jesus Christ freely offers you. Your salvation is paid in full. We are here to help and support you claim what He died and arose to give you. We know everyone has a special calling as a vessel for His kingdom. Through our services and events, we support your journey with God and His many promises.

We are committed to strengthening the quality of life for those in Northern Michigan and helping people embrace the promises of Jesus Christ. 

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